October 19, 2007

Pai Solebille moves into Indian real estate market

Pai Solebille, driven by a bouyant Asian economic growth surge, is to move into real estate India and property consulting. Cambridge, 16th October 2007 - Pai Solebille was founded in 2006 at Cambridge (United Kingdom) and wishes to take a leading position in the IT contracting/outsourcing and the real estate market. With an active growth in the Asian economies including China and India, of over 9% per annum, Pai Solebille has always been actively seeking to move its interests into these economies. Real estate is one area that is seeing a huge growth in these economies, with returns averaging over 25% per annum. Places in India like Bangalore and Pune, which form the Information Technology hubs, have seen higher than average growth, due to the booming services industry. Infrastructure is one area that closely mirrors economic growth. Pai Solebille is actively engaging the major property developers in India, ensuring that investing in the real estate market remains stress free for our customers. The key areas of growth established are around Bangalore and Pune, in the south of India. Pai Solebille will be setting up offices at these two locations by the end of November 2007. Source://openpr.com