June 19, 2006

Delhi: An investment hub

The real estate industry is one of the major contributors in the growing Indian economy. Real estate has evolved as a huge industry in past few years and as per industry sources this boom will continue for a good time to come. Indian government is also making huge revenues by selling the land to builders for various development projects. On the other hand, government is also contributing by way of providing the infrastructure support and promoting the investment in real estate sector. Certain policies have been formulated to facilitate the real estate transactions and make the system more transparent. Allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and encouraging NRI investment in the real estate market of India has provided major boost to the industry. Delhi has emerged as a great investment hub and thus, provides a whole world of opportunities to investors. There is a phenomenal rise in consumerism in this region which has resulted in a steep growth of real estate and retail business. People have purchasing power like never before and banks & financial institutions are also providing easy finance. One should realize the potential and invest the money wisely to enjoy the returns in the long run. --------------------------------------------- By Tony Braig